Carousel’s 2019/2020 Dance Season About To Begin!

I’ve forgotten. Is this a bolero or a foxtrot?

Can you believe it!  In less than 2 weeks the Fall dance season begins at Capital Carousels. It’s time to figure out where you tossed those dance shoes back in May.

Pat has been busy making up dance programs and the first couple are posted on this website so please check them out and start reviewing if you’d like.

The fee structure this year is the same as last year, $5 per dancer for each dance day if paying in advance for a complete session, otherwise $8 per dancer if paying each dance day.
Monday dances will run from Sep. 9 to Dec. 9 with no dancing Oct. 14 and Nov. 11.
Thursday dances will run from Sep. 12 to Dec 5 with no dancing Oct. 31.
The club’s anniversary dance will be held this year on Friday Oct. 4 and the “In From The Cold” benefit dance on Friday Dec. 13. Both dances will be potluck with the hall opening at 5:30PM and dinner starting at 6PM.

“Capital Caper” takes place this year on Oct. 25 & 26. One change to note, there will now be an additional dance on Friday night following a shorter teach.

That’s about it for now. Look forward to seeing everyone on the dance floor very soon.

2018/2019 Dance Season “Windup” Party

Capital Carousel’s final dance of the 2018/2019 season took place with a potluck dinner, AGM and dance on the evening of Wednesday May 15th.  A big thank-you to our social convenors Ian and Ann and all those who helped with or contributed toward the dinner.

Looking back on the past season and the changes required in the operation of the club after the retirement of our cuer Donna, things went quite well. In large part this was due to Donna’s loan of her pre-cued music to the club, a core group of equipment operators, the ability to create and share dance session playlists via email and the encouragement and feedback from dancers in attendance each week. Work was done and will continue next season, adjusting the cued music sound levels to reduce the operator’s need to make adjustments during the dance session.

Teaching this past season focused mainly on reviewing the 2018 Capital Caper dances and problem areas from other dances. Thanks Pat and John and also Ziggy & Jenny who filled in on Thursdays while Pat was on vacation.

A short AGM was chaired by our VP, Ziggy.
Club positions filled for the 2019-2020 season are:
President …………….. Ziggy
Vice President …….. Gavin
Secretary …………….. Arlo
Programmer ……….. Pat B
Social Convenors … Ziggy & Jenny
Treasurer …………….. Tom
Webmaster ………….. Mike
Directors at Large .. Toni & Wayne/ Robert & Jean

The fee structure for next season remains the same at $5/person per  dance if signing up for a complete session and $8/person per dance if not paying for the complete session.
The Fall 2019 dance sessions will begin Monday Sept. 9th and Thursday Sept. 12th.

Capital Caper 2019 this year takes place on October 25th & 26th so please mark your calendar and get your registration forms in early to help finalize attendance numbers. You will find a link to the registration form here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you again when dancing starts in Sept. 2019.

April Update

Well spring is supposed to arrive any day now but I’m not holding my breath!

We are now into our Spring dance session which started Monday April 1st for the 3-5 group and Thurs. April 4th for the 3-4 group. The session will continue for 6 weeks for both groups, dance dates can be found under the “Club Calendar” menu on the website. For the Monday group please note there will be NO dancing on Apr.22 which is Easter Monday.

In other news the flyer and registration form for Capital Caper 2019 is now available. There is a section devoted to Capital Caper 2019 on the website under the “Capital Caper” heading. This years Caper will be held on Oct. 25th & 26th. It would be helpful to the organizers if you could get your completed registration form in as early as possible so they can get an idea on what attendance looks like. Past Capers have been well attended events with top notch instruction from clinicians Steve and Irene Bradt so don’t miss it.

“Swing Into Spring” is fast approaching. It is being held at South Grenville District High School, 1000 Edward Street North, Prescott, Ontario on May 3-5. The round dance program includes instruction at the phase 3 and 4 levels with dancing from easy rounds to phase 3 and 4 with a limited amount of phase 5 dances — as well as an “Introduction to Round Dancing” for those wishing to get started round dancing. The dance flyer can be seen at

As always our regular dance programs are available on the club website several days ahead of the actual dance date so you have some time to do your homework on dances if you wish. Remember there are demos of numerous dances on our Dropbox site at


February Update

Valentine’s Day is next Thursday! Pat has produced dance programs for both Monday and Thursday with more of a romantic theme. Time to dig into your wardrobe for a red item to wear. Both days are “no teach days” so we’ll be dancing a little more than usual. Programs for both days are now available under the “Dance Season” menu on this website.

Pat is heading away on vacation shortly. In her absence John and Marg will be handling our Monday instruction and Ziggy and Jenny will take care of Thursdays.

Monday dancers remember that February 18th is Family Day and there will be NO dancing that day.

If you have any concerns about the weather on a dance day, wondering if dance is cancelled or not, please remember to check your email for a cancellation notice before coming.

Winter Session Starts Next Week

Happy New Year everyone. It’ll soon be time to dance off the calories from those Christmas goodies!

The Monday group will start dancing on Jan 7th with the session running for 11 weeks until Mar 25th. There will be no dancing on Monday Feb 18th, it being Family Day and the church closed.
The Thursday group starts on Jan 10th running for 12 weeks until Mar 28th.
Fees are the same as the Fall session; $5 per dance for dancers signing up for the complete session ($55 total for Monday dancers and $60 total for Thursday dancers.) If you pay for individual dance sessions it remains $8 per dance session.
If a dance session has to be cancelled for some reason, ie stormy weather, no heat at the church hall, etc, you’ll be advised by email (or telephone if you have no email), so it’s always a good idea to check your email before heading out to dance just in case.
The programs for next week’s dances are now posted on the website. There are no teaches next week, just plenty of dancing! Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the dance floor next week.

Season’s Greetings

Capital Carousels held their annual Christmas Party/Benefit dance on Friday Dec 7th. The evening started with an excellent “Potluck” dinner followed by a couple of hours of dancing. As in previous years all funds collected were donated to Parkdale United’s “In From The Cold” program. The hall was nicely decorated courtesy of Pat & Jill who have now handed the club’s decoration duties over to Robert & Jean.  It was nice to have Pat, Marion, and Donna back with us for the evening. Also Arlo and Maureen sporting their tans. Thanks to all the people who worked so hard to make the dinner and dance such a success. $750 was raised for the “In From The Cold” program.
Check out the “Gallery” for newly added pictures of the dance and also the 2018 Capital Caper back in October.

The website will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks bringing it up-to-date for the Winter Session. Some changes like Winter Session dates/rates have already been posted under the “Dance Season” menu.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2019!

Final Week Of Fall Session Dancing

Is that a “Step Hop” that Santa’s doing?

Next week is our final dance week of the Fall session. It’s probably not that hard to believe with snow on the ground for a couple of weeks now!
In addition to our regular Monday and Thursday dance sessions next week, don’t forget our Christmas Party night next Friday Dec 7th. Doors will open at 5:30PM with a potluck dinner starting at 6PM. Dancing will start at 7PM and continue until approx. 9 – 9:30PM. Again this year admittance to the dance is $15 with all funds received being donated to Parkdale United’s “In From The Cold” program which feeds 125 – 150 needy people each week. Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

The Winter dancing sessions will start on Monday Jan 7th and Thursday Jan 10th. The website will be updated with more Winter session information after next week so please check back then. I’ll be sending out an email to all dancers once the update is done.

If you wake up to inclement weather on a dance morning and wonder if dancing has been cancelled please check for an email from the club executive to that effect before leaving home. If you don’t have email an attempt will be made to contact you by phone.

Hope to see you at the party next week!

Capital Caper is just 3 weeks away.

We are just 3 weeks away from this years “Capital Caper” and if you’re planning to attend this excellent workshop given by Steve & Irene Bradt, please fill out your registration form and submit it ASAP to help with final planning for the event. More info and a registration form are available on this website; just click on “Capital Caper Weekend” found in the menu at the top of each page.

The club is approaching one month operating with it’s new pre-cued music format. Things seem to have gone pretty smoothly all-in-all. A few issues with music sound levels but work is being done which should resolve this problem.

Remember Monday dancers that there is no dancing this Thanksgiving Monday 8th October.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


An Anniversary Dance We Won’t Forget!






The “pot-luck” dinner portion of Capital Carousel’s 5th Anniversary Dance took place on Friday 21st September. Unfortunately the dance portion of the evening was cancelled due to the violent storm system which caused power failures throughout the Ottawa area. The power went out at 6 PM so the dinner took place with rapidly fading daylight and a single emergency light. There was no shortage of delicious food items to choose from. A big thank you to all who contributed. There was also a wonderful 5th Anniversary Cake thanks to the club’s social convenors Ian and Ann Webb.
The club was honoured to have past dancers in attendance; Ian and Ann Wilkerson and Al and Eulice Harris. Also John and Barbara LeGrow who aren’t regular dancers with the club.
The evening came to a close shortly after 7PM when the hall was plunged into complete darkness due to an exhausted emergency light battery. Clean up took place using the flashlight “App” on multiple cell phones.
Special thanks to our Social Convenors, Ian and Ann for their hard work organizing the meal, Pat and Jill for decorating the hall, Pat Black for making up the program, which we unfortunately never got to dance and all who lent a hand to help in some way.


5th Anniversary Dance

Our first dance sessions for each group this past week seemed to go smoothly with no major hiccups.  Both groups were well attended and it was great to see all those familiar faces up on the dance floor once again.

The big news for the coming week is Capital Carousel’s 5th Anniversary Dance on Friday 21st September at Parkdale United Church. I’ve added the flyer at the top of this post but it won’t hurt to go over some of the details here.
The hall will open at 5:30PM with a “Pot-Luck” dinner taking place at 6PM followed by dancing from 7 – 9PM. There is no charge for entry but if you are able to bring something for the “Pot-Luck” it would certainly help out.
Even if you’re no longer an active dancer we’d love to have you come to this celebration and enjoy  meeting “old”friends.
Our Dance Program creator, Pat Black, would like feedback for creating an appropriate dance program for the evening. You can RSVP Pat by email at
The club looks forward to seeing many familiar faces at the dance.