Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

There once was a green leprechaun,
who jigged with his pointy shoes on,
to the left and the right,
he could jig through the night,
Till the break of St. Patrick’s Day dawn.

I guess there is a bit of the Irish in all dancers then! Yes, St. Patrick’s Day is this week and in our usual fashion here at Capital Carousels, you can expect some Irish dances to keep the jig in our steps, the pot of gold at our refreshment table, and I suspect, many of our dancers in green to celebrate the holiday. Bring your 4 leaf clovers and lucky charms. We are going to have some fun-St. Patrick’s Day style! We will still have our usual workshop and dancing, but there will be some dances with Irish Influence as well! Look forward to seeing everyone.
To those of our members who have been out with various medical ailments, we think of you often and wish speedy recovery for you all with hopes of seeing you on the dance floor soon. We should also begin to see some of our snow birds trickling in soon. The Canadian Geese are back and that means our dancers shouldn’t be far behind. We look forward to seeing you again and rekindling our friendships.
On a personal note, a special thanks for your patience dancers as I worked not only as your cuer last week, but also moonlighted as photographer and videographer! I took many pictures and videos and could only put so many in the little movie trailer I did highlighting our lessons. I have a few hoops to go through before putting it on the website, and with Arlo’s help from Kathmandu, I hope to make it happen very soon. I have already released the movie trailer on Facebook and in about 2 days we have had 725 views! We have had more activity in the past 2 days on our Facebook Page then we have had in the past 6 months! Let’s keep the momentum going! If you are on Facebook and I don’t know about it, please check out our Capital Carousels page and “like” us! If you aren’t on Facebook, maybe you’d like to try it out!
Remember to wear your green and bring your lucky charms. Let’s keep all this good karma going and we will see you on the dance floor!

Coming-Phase 4-6 Dancing!!

Have you ever thought you might like to be learning some dances beyond a phase 4 or 5? Do you see some videos at that level on the internet or being played on programs at dance festivals and wished you knew how to dance them? Well, some of us have thought that too and we have thought of a way to learn some of those dances and taught by top notch instructors as well! Starting Monday Apr 11 thru Monday May 9, for 5 consecutive weeks we will start a 4-6 group where we will learn this level of dance via videos! The Hurd’s Instructional Library to be exact! For several years now, George and Pam Hurd have been videotaping their teaches they do during their dance season in Mesa, Arizona and making them available thru a yearly subscription online. These are excellent teaching videos with a demo of the dance, and then divided into parts e.g Intro, Part A, Part B etc. Providing excellent instruction, demonstration of the figures and a point for the dancers to practice. It has been used by many people or groups of people who have lost their club, instructor or both and it’s a way to keep up all the latest dances while keeping up their skills.
During our 5 week session, you can expect some dance time of primarily higher level 4s and 5s and perhaps a few 6s. We will have ample time for dance teaches with Donna as moderator, running the video. This group will function as highly interactive, learning together and helping each other with the steps. We will be easing in with a nice 4+2 rumba which will be a nice blend of challenge and fun. I believe you will really enjoy the dance.
At this point, this is called the 4-6 Interest Group. The 5 weeks is being used as a trial to see if it is a concept we would like to continue. As it is a very new dimension to our current dance structure, we will see how things proceed along as we go. After our 5 weeks is over, the club will determine if it will be plausible to continue in the fall.
The sessions will be held at Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Drive in Ottawa. It is easy to find and ample parking. It is a nice size room with a 55″ wall mounted TV, where the video will play from. As this is a trial run, the cost will be $7/person per day or $14/couple per day. We will not have a session fee at this point.
If this is something you have been hoping for, please come out and see for yourself. If it is something you hadn’t really thought about, but feel you would like to see how it works, come out and try! Dancers who feel quite comfortable dancing at a phase 4 level and have some basic knowledge of phase 5 figures might be interested in this. All you can do is try it out! Hope to see you Apr 11!


This coming fall will be a busy time for Capital Carousels with not only our current Wednesday and Thursday clubs, but also our beginner round dance lessons class and new phase 2-3 club which will be running on Thursday afternoons! We at Capital Carousels are already getting proactive with respect to getting the word out about our new lessons and club through our website and Facebook page, flyers, email broadcasts, word of mouth and soon to come round dance demos at square dance clubs! As another form of advertising, we will be featuring a movie trailer created to boost interest in our upcoming venture!
To create our movie trailer, we will require some still pictures of some HAPPY dancers, and also some video demonstrating some dance rhythms we do of some HAPPY dancers IN ACTION! We want our prospective dancers to see what kind of fun we have dancing and at Capital Carousels, so SMILES AND FUN are a pre-requisite! I may ask some of you for assistance to take your picture or video you dancing a very small portion of a dance for our movie trailer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated and although, I must say you cannot expect royalties from this, you can be sure that your participation may just have tipped the scale in someone deciding to give round dancing a try!!

See you on the set!

Winter/Spring Transition

It is Mar 6 and with warm temperatures outside, the snow is melting. We hope the transition to spring has started. At Capital Carousels though, spring will have to hold off for a few weeks as the end of our Winter Session has been moved to Apr 6+7 to make up for our 2 snow days we had in February. Our Spring Session will now be 4 weeks in length and run from the week of Apr 13-14 and end the week of May 4-5. The cost will be $28/person or $56/couple for the 4 week session. If you are paying per week, the fee will continue at $10/person or $20/couple. Also remember after our Spring Session ends, we will have some special visitors in on May 11+12 with a couple of bonus teaches-phase 3+4! JL and Linda Pelton will be with us and we get the benefit of their excellent instruction for just $5/person for BOTH DAYS! We will also celebrate immediately after Thursday’s session with a potluck lunch at Parkdale. What a wonderful way to end the Pelton’s visit and a fun 2 days. Can’t wait. Wednesday, May 18 will be our last day and a culmination of our dance season for 2015/2016. Both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers are invited and we will enjoy a full night of dance. Come and join us for our last dance of the 2015-2016 season!
With the spring comes the return of our snow birds! We look forward to seeing you all again and finding out about all of your adventures this year. Maybe even a few dances! It’ll be here before we know it!
It seems like it was so long ago when we started talking about Swing Into Spring. Unbelievable as it may seem, it will be here Apr 29-May 1. If you are wanting to go, now is the time to sign up. David Goss and Ulla Figwer will be back once again and as we know, they are excellent instructors. What levels are taught at Swing Into Spring are based on what levels the enrolled dancers have requested. They won’t know what level you want taught at the event if you don’t enroll and indicate it on the registration form. Sign up soon!
It seems like this year is flying by! We don’t want anyone to miss out on what’s going on as there is still lots to come in our dance season! See you on the dance floor!

Breaking News!

How did you all enjoy your snow days this week? Well there might have been a few days off dancing, but your executive was hard at work making plans for the 2016-2017 season! Good news is that our club will be sponsoring some beginner round dance lessons beginning in September! We are also thrilled to announce that Susan and Doug Connors, cuer/instructors from Kingston and Capital Carousel members will be instructors! Susan and Doug have many years of beginner round dance instruction and we are glad to have them on board for this new direction for our club. In addition to beginner lessons, they will also be hosting our new phase 2-3 club! The club will be held on Thursdays from 1-3PM. The first hour will be devoted to lessons for brand new dancers or those who may want a refresher. From 2-3PM, Susan will be cueing phase 2-3 dances. For anyone who would like a refresher lesson in round dancing and an opportunity for some fun dancing afterward, this is the perfect setting. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in round dance lessons? Please be sure to tell them about our plans this September and give them a flyer. We all know what fun this is! Please let your friends know about our best kept secret! The lessons are posted in our Coming Events and we hope to be doing some round dance demos in our square dance community. Best advertising is word-of-mouth. Spread the word! We will continue to keep you up-to-date on plans as we go along.
Well, that news is pretty hard to top! Hope to be seeing everyone this week if the weather cooperates!

Dancing-Go Figure!

Valentine’s Day is but a sweet memory and it is back to business at Capital Carousels. We have been learning plenty of dances these past few years. For a change of pace, we are in the midst of looking at specific figures and all requested from the club members. We had spent about 3 weeks on foxtrot and this past week we started on some rumba figures! It is always a good thing to take a step back every once in awhile and revisit how some of these figures are done. Not only does it take some of the hiccoughs out of some dances, but we can actually dance better as a result. It is not a see one-do one-teach one activity. It takes practice and that is what these series of figures clinics is all about!
Just a reminder to you about a big event happening right here at Capital Carousels May 11 and 12th! JL and Linda Pelton, Round Dance Cuer and Instructors from Dallas, Texas will be with us to give us the benefit of their expertise with 2 teaches-one on each day! These teaches may be slightly longer than our typical format, but we will have warmup rounds and dances after the teach as time permits by our own cuer, Donna. Our guests are on vacation after all, and we would like to also give them an opportunity to dance and socialize and make some new friends “north of the border”. After the dance session is over on Thursday, May 12, we will all have a chance to enjoy a delicious potluck lunch. We all enjoy food, and we know we have fabulous cooks in our midst at Capital Carousels, so get your favourite recipe and let’s all enjoy a wonderful lunch and what I suspect will be a great way to wind up our special event with JL and Linda. This is a special event and will not be a part of our regular spring session. However, as a thank you to all of our Capital Carousel club members for your continued loyalty and support, the price will be just $5/person or $10/couple and that includes BOTH days. If you choose to attend just one day, the price remains the same so make the most of it and plan to attend both days. There will be a phase 3 and a phase 4 dance taught during the Pelton’s visit so definitely something for both our Wednesday and Thursday groups. If you would like a flyer, there is one posted in our Coming Events page, which you will be able to download as you wish. I will also have some copies at our regular dance sessions.
Beyond this event, there are plenty of dances listed on our Coming Events page. Lots of dances to put all of these figures clinics to good use. Practice those figures. Your dancing will be better for it!

Love Is In The Air At Capital Carousels

Welcome to the 2016 version of Capital Carousels Valentine’s Day Celebration! Red and white attire and decorations, heart stickers at the door, valentine sweets in the form of cake and cookies and of course, lots of dances with love as the backdrop. It was a great time both Wednesday and Thursday! Thanks to the two Pats and Gavin for the help with decorations and the stickers. Ziggy and Jenny also do an excellent job with the refreshments and also to Brian and Ann for their assistance with refreshments on Thursdays. Lots of wonderful comments about the programs as well. Be sure to let Pat know how much you enjoy them. All her time and effort pays off! Life must continue though as we continued to work on foxtrot figures on both our Wednesday and Thursday dance groups. Both groups have been introduced to new figures and with that, more and more practice. Life would be very dull in the round dance world in a “see one-do one-teach one” environment. Luckily, we will all have many opportunities to continue working on these figures as they become second nature.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day this coming Sunday. I know I’ve had fun celebrating these past few days in advance of the big day!

We’re Celebrating Valentine’s This Week!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and Capital Carousels, never being without a reason to celebrate will be doing just that this week. Pat has structured the programs to feature lots of love songs! We encourage everyone to come dressed up in something red to celebrate the holiday. I am sure we will also have treats to match so be prepared to enjoy something festive and sweet this week. We will still be having our regular teach time and I understand some review on both days of our foxtrot figures will be going on so get your partner! Let’s trip the light fantastic for this special salute to Valentine’s Day!
We have been fortunate this winter with milder than usual temperatures. We’ve been lucky so far with no cancellations as a club. Unfortunately we have had some of our dancers who have had to cancel dancing due to illness, travel distance from us here in Ottawa, or away to far away lands. I would just like to say that we miss all of our dancing family. If you are away due to illness, please know you are thought of and we all wish you speedy recoveries. For those of you away from us due to distance, we do understand that winter being unpredictable in nature ,is not always worth the risk. We will look forward to seeing you later this spring. For those of our friends who flap their wings and go somewhere warmer for the winter, we think of you as well and so glad we can keep you in the loop with our website here. We also look forward to seeing you in the spring as well.
Pat has a jam packed agenda for us from now through the end of the season. Lots to learn and lots of dancing ahead for Capital Carousels. Get your dance shoes! We’ll be dancing on air with hearts all aflutter for Valentine’s Day this week!

Operational Again!

Originally posted by Donna Stewart/January/28/2016 04:38 PM 

This week, we can have another Grand Re-Opening for the website!! With a lot of hard work, I am thinking positively that our website whoas are behind us! Yeah! Your favourite features of our site including our programs, blog, cuesheets and the many other areas on the Capital Carousels Website are up and operational! Despite some of our downtime, I was able to build more content for the site including a Special Events page which will feature our Summer Caper and Capital Caper events. I have also added more events and flyers to our Coming Events section so be sure to check them out. Incidentally, our programs, cuesheets and flyers should appear on the page now in a downloadable format or print as you wish. One of our improved features of this website. Now all that is left is the dancing and about time I’d say!
I would like to thank all of you for your patience and support as we have gone through our trials and tribulations with this website. Thank you! A special SHOUTOUT to Arlo who has been instrumental in trying to find answers or being in touch with those who could provide answers. We all know he will be headed half way around the world tomorrow, and despite this, he has spent plenty of time on this with me this week. My thanks Arlo! You THE MAN!

Special Event This Spring!

Original Post by Donna Stewart January/25/2016 07:33 PM

Our 2015-2016 dance season will finish on a real high note this year! We are thrilled to announce that JL and Linda Pelton, round dance cuer/instructors and choreographers from Dallas, Texas will be with us, May 11 and 12!! With this special event, JL and Linda will be teaching two dances (one on Wednesday night and one on Thursday morning) which will be open for all of our Capital Carousel dancers on both days. This week, not included in our regular spring session fee, will be offered at a VERY special price of $5/person or $10/couple which will include BOTH DAYS! If you choose to attend just one day, it will be the same cost. Excellent value for an amazing experience! You won’t want to miss out on this great opportunity!
JL and Linda’s story starts when they met at a square dance convention in 2004. They continued to dance together at both square and round dance events, even having a square and round dance reception at their wedding in 2007! JL began cueing in 2008 and their lives continue to grow through their love of round dancing! You can read their full story through this biography link.
We are very pleased that the Peltons’ will be combining some sightseeing and some dance experiences at Capital Carousels while they are here! We will keep you posted through our blog here and our club day announcements for details as they are released. Looking forward to your visit JL and Linda!

Thursday, May 12 will be our last day of teaches this season. Typically on our last dance day on Thursday, we have a luncheon afterward. Expecting a higher attendance this last day from both our Wednesday and Thursday dancers, we will be having a potluck at the church immediately following our dance day! What’s not to like? We don’t have far to travel for lunch and we get to sample many excellent dishes brought by our group members. We also get this special time together as a club and with our special guests, JL and Linda. This last week of dancing this season just gets better and better! Stay tuned!