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Dance Season | What Is Happening In Capital Carousels Current Season

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2017-2018 Dance Season Coming In September!

Capital Carousels fifth dance season begins on Wednesday, Sept 13 and Thursday, Sept 14, and we are excited! Our Capital Carousels team has been working very hard on our upcoming season thanks in large part, to the dancers who have played an active role in the direction of our club. We will have renewed focus on reviewing some of the lovely dances we have done in the past as well as a review of some of those tough figures we have come across. We will also be learning some new dances as we have in the past. Even some weeks (approximately one week per month) will be devoted to just dancing. Yes, there is never a loss of dances to learn or review. Our trusty teaching and dance programmer, Pat Black will certainly have a lot of options to choose from!
While some things change, some things will always remain the same. Be on the lookout for our Annual Ghostly Gala Anniversary Dance on Wednesday, Nov 1! Celebrating an anniversary is always special, but our 5 year milestone will definitely be a reason to celebrate! Our Christmas Party benefiting Parkdale’s “In From The Cold” Program will be a chance to bring all of our Capital Carousels family together in benefit for a great cause. Please check back on our website later for the date and time. it is always a special way for us to round out our dance year! Our yearly Valentine and St. Patrick’s Day parties at both our Wednesday and Thursday morning clubs is a great opportunity to dance to some special themed songs and enjoying some special treats geared just for the holiday.
What’s on the program you say? Well, you’ll be able to find out right here on our website! Programs for Wednesday and Thursday’s clubs will be posted weekly and you will have the opportunity to download the program as well if you wish! For any dances that are taught in our club, we will also be posting cuesheets which you will be able to download if you wish. What you are wondering about might just be in that fine print!
Dancing and learning are great, but it’s also nice to just relax and have a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie and catch up with what’s been happening with our friends. Coffee or tea will be 50 cents/person and you can drop it in the Coffee/Tea Fund jar as you fill your cup! :o) Please remember that even if you don’t drink coffee or tea, our candies and cookies we provide also add up. If you enjoy some of our break goodies, please contribute. In our previous seasons, we have all done a GREAT JOB, when it comes to reducing waste. Please bring your own cup for coffee break and we thank you in advance for helping to “save the environment”.
We strive to bring you a dance club where you will not only learn and enhance your dancing, you will meet new friends and have fun in the process. Come and join us and don’t miss your opportunity to dance!