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Valentine's Day at Capital Carousels


This week at Capital Carousels we will be celebrating the holiday of love-Valentine's Day! We will be having an all dance day on both days with numerous dances we have at Capital Carousels all pertaining to LOVE! Along with dancing, we will be having some special treats at break time. You can bet they will be sweet!! As has been traditional for us for many years, if anyone would like to be wearing something with red in it, it always adds to our atmosphere.
Speaking of atmosphere, a note to our Wednesday dancers, because of an event already scheduled, we will be dancing in Tape Hall for that evening only. The church has asked us to go down the stairs outside of Memorial Hall to reach Tape Hall to avoid disrupting the Ash Wednesday service being held in the church. Our Thursday group will be dancing in our usual location.
Looking at the weather for the coming week, it looks like we will finally be dancing on Wednesday night! Yeah! As you know, we cancelled last week due to weather conditions which a number of you found out about just before heading to the dance. An email had been sent out around 2PM, but unfortunately there was a delay in the email server we use for club communications. Luckily, we realized what had happened later in the afternoon and we believe were able to contact most of you before you left for the dance. We apologize for this unforeseen event and look forward to seeing you this week at Parkdale.
Cupid will be in attendance this week at Capital Carousels where love is in the air! See you then!

Snow Days

snow day ATF

Yes, 'tis the season as they say! We have already had 2 snow days thus far in 2018! Our Wednesday group has missed a couple of dances already this year. This is just a note to members of both of our dance days, if the weather looks questionable, please check your email prior to leaving, just to save you some unnecessary travel. Members without email will be contacted by phone. Last Wednesday's snow squalls came on quickly later in the day and with a wallop! We would rather be safe than sorry and it seems the consensus agreed it was a wise decision to cancel. Looks like we have some snowy days ahead come mid week next week. Let's cross our fingers, it doesn't affect us!
Speaking of snow, the Frosty Fling is on this Saturday between 2-4:30PM at St Patrick's High School. This is a combined square and round dance designed for beginners and is a good opportunity to support and encourage new dancers. Jean Clingin will be on rounds and Wendy VanderMuelen and John Charman will be on squares. If the weather looks questionable, please check the website to check the status of the dance.
From a personal standpoint, a big thank you to Ziggy, Gavin, Mike and Doug for helping with sound equipment duties in my absence. Without them, you would not have had any music to dance to, so THANK YOU!
This coming week at the club, Pat and John will continue working on Carnival-RB4 for our Wednesday dancers. On Thursday, for the next few weeks, you will be working on foxtrot figures in a variety of dances.
Yes, we will be tripping the light fantastic this week at Parkdale….barring any more snow days I mean!

Using YouTube As A Round Dance Resource


A very special thank you to our blog contributor this week, Mike Cosham!!

Did you know there are numerous Round Dance videos posted on YouTube? Some feature demonstration dances from various major Round Dance events while others feature everyday dancers at their regular club sessions. There are also short teaching videos for particular Round Dance figures.
First it might be helpful to give a brief introduction to YouTube. Anyone with a free Google account automatically has a YouTube account where they can upload videos and allow them to be viewed publicly. If they have a particular field of interest, like Round Dancing for example, they can also create a “Channel” on YouTube and upload their Round Dance videos to their Channel. To view these videos you don’t need a Google account but if you do have one, you can subscribe to a channel and you’ll be kept up-to date on new uploaded videos. Videos uploaded to a Channel can be organized into “Playlists”which are created by the Channel owner to put videos into groupings with a common theme. A Round Dance Channel might have several Playlists which group videos by their rhythm, choreographer, dance club or demonstration dance couple (Worlocks, Hurds) for example. Many YouTube channels can be searched individually for dance titles. This is in addition to the general YouTube search which searches all YouTube videos and unfortunately often doesn’t do the best job. If you want to try the YouTube general search to look for a particular dance title, try using the following link which I’ve customized to locate Round Dance videos    YouTube Search The search box will be partially filled waiting for you to enter the title of the dance you are interested in after the word “intitle:”. The dance title doesn’t need to be exact. Sometimes it’s better to use just two or three keywords from the title.  Once you’ve hit return to execute the search take a look at the first few videos displayed and hopefully your dance is listed. (A note of interest that both our current Wednesday and Thursday teaches, Carnival and Lady Marmalade can be found using this search.)
Now here’s a list of YouTube Round Dance Channels with a short description and a customized link which will take you directly to each one. Note: To search within a channel for a dance title click on the small grey magnifying glass at the right hand end of the channel menu. (Shown inside the red box below.)

TNT Rounds Created by Terri & Tim Wilaby who run a phase 2-4 Dance Club in Pensacola, Florida. This channel is an excellent source of high quality demonstration dances performed at the Florida State and National Square & Round Dance Conventions. It contains several well organized Playlists.

Jim Miller
This channel has numerous videos from club dances in Pennsylvania with various cuers. A number of dances feature Steve Bradt cuing. (Please note that Mr Miller has combined a few of his other interests on his channel so you may come across videos not related to dancing.)

River City Rounds
is a Phase 2 – 5 dance club in St. Louis, Missouri and has videos from club dances.

GB Rounds
has videos from some of their club dances.

has some teach videos of various Foxtrot and West Coast Swing figures. (Please note that Mr Bob has combined a few of his other interests on his channel so you may come across videos not related to dancing.)

Hilton Rounds
has a few demo videos, some club dance videos and some basic waltz figure instructional videos.

Ahart Dancing
created by Tony & Carolyn Ahart, cuers from Springfield, Missouri has a number of videos taken of club dances.

You’ll notice as you view various videos, YouTube will begin to suggest other dance videos and channels you might be interested in, learning from your viewing history. These suggestions are often helpful and can lead to even more Dance Channels.

I hope you’ll find this article useful and it will assist you in using YouTube as an additional dance resource.

Back To Dance


Well for our Wednesday night dancers we had a night off due to freezing rain. Luckily it wasn't as bad as this or a flashback to 1998, but still mighty slick outside! Better to be safe than sorry! We had some of our members missing from our Thursday group, but everyone seemed to just enjoy getting back in the swing of things with a dance. Next week, we will be starting off our 2018 off to a great start with learning a couple of great dances. Pat has said she has had people ask her about a teach for the phase 4 rumba, Carnival and that is the plan for the next 3 weeks on Wednesday night. This dance is one of the most frequently played dances around and is a Hall of Fame Dance with ICBDA from 2010. Not an average phase 4, but once you learn it, it'll be a favourite as it is for many. For Thursday, Pat and John will be teaching phase 4 cha called Lady Marmalade. This dance was also a very popular one in the days of Carnival (and perhaps a few years before it). Really fun dance! Great dances for both days! If you want to learn, or need a brush up on either of these dances, please come on out! I know there are videos of Carnival out there, and probably the best is on Glen and Helen's site with the Rumbles dancing. I'm sure with a little digging, you can probably find a video of Lady Marmalade. We have many sources of dance video sites out there and some are even listed in this website! Please check our Dance Links link above and go to Dance Video Sites. The cuesheets are also already posted on the website for both of these teaches.
Speaking of website posting, the programs are posted for the next two weeks actually, so you've got lots of practice time!
We are starting 2018 off on a high note this year with two great teaches! Looking forward to seeing you back on the dance floor!

Welcome to 2018!


Hello fellow dancers and welcome to 2018! Our winter dance session starts this coming Wednesday and Thursday and we look forward to seeing everyone! Luckily for us, it seems our cold snap will be giving us a reprieve this week so we can journey out. After all of our festivities over the past month, it'll be nice to get back into a routine and our favourite form of exercise-DANCING! To get back into things this week after our month away, we will having a full dance only this week at the club. The programs are posted and you will see we have all of the dances we learned in the fall session on the program—just to keep you in practice!

Please remember, this is a new session and you have the opportunity to pay for the full session up front, or pay as you go. Please check out the "Dance Season" link at the top of this page for all the details.

We continue to have members will ongoing cold and flu issues as well as other ailments. We wish everyone continued strength and better health in 2018!