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West Coast Swingin'


For the next couple of weeks at Capital Carousels, we will be West Coast Swingin'-at least during the teaching session. This dance will be a natural stepping stone from the dance we learned last year at Capital Caper, You're Something Special To Me. For those of you who attended the West Coast Swing clinic this past June in Kemptville, this dance will not be the one taught there, but will include a couple of the new figures that were learned there. Arlo and I will be teaching this one so get ready to expand on your West Coast Swing!
Speaking of teaches, we turn our attention to Capital Caper this year and what will be taught there. Here is the list:

Friday afternoon-Phase 3 Quickstep
Friday evening-Phase 4 Tango
Saturday morning-Phase 5 Foxtrot
Saturday afternoon-Phase 4 Cha

This year Steve and Irene will be teaching a nice variation of rhythms. A rare chance to learn dances in a fun and informative way from some top notch instructors. Don't miss out! See you at the Caper!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wishing all of our club members, friends and family a Happy Thanksgiving this weekend! May we all be blessed with the goodness of time with family and friends and of course, the bountiful harvest at our tables. Enjoy it however you choose to celebrate!

This coming week at the club, it will be a full dance program on both days. The dances we have learned recently you will notice are listed on the dance program twice. This is no typo! To gain more experience and familiarity with our teaches, we will begin featuring them in this way on our program for a few weeks following the teach. We trust you will enjoy this extra practice time. Pat and John will be watching as the dances are danced thru and if a significant trouble spot is noted, a quick review of that will take place in between the dance throughs. Not a full teach, just a spot review. Practice is always good!

If you haven't looked at our Coming Events section lately, you might like to take a look. A few dance events coming up are Fall Fest-a combined square and round dance. Gavin has advance ribbons for that dance for $10/person. They will be $12/person at the door. Of course, our Capital Caper is coming up as we have been spotlighting in the past few weeks. Gavin of course will accept your registration at the club for that. Come for the full package or just select the teaching levels you would like. You have the flexibility and as always, a fun and good learning experience with Steve and Irene Bradt. After Capital Caper, our very own Ghostly Gala will happen on Wednesday, Nov 1! Not only is this a Halloween celebration but also a 5th Anniversary for Capital Carousels. We always have ingenious costumes from our members and will look forward to seeing "who" will arrive at our Ghostly Gala this year!

Get out your calendar and reserve some spots for some great dance opportunities ahead in our area. Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time however you intend to celebrate!

Capital Caper Weekend 2017

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As of today, it feels as though Fall has FINALLY arrived! With Fall, we think of the beginning of our dance season and when that starts, Capital Caper is not far behind. This year, the Caper will be held On Friday, October 27 thru Saturday, October 28. As in many years past, the ever popular, Steve and Irene Bradt will be with us! They will be putting us through the paces, learning some new moves and perfecting others!! I'm sure we all feel we have those dance moves that need perfecting! As in the past few years, we will have 4 teaches and a final dance on the Saturday night. Steve will be doing the cueing on that as well, as he has done in recent years. Also in the past few years, a lunch on Saturday has been included in Capital Caper. Some lovely sandwiches and tasty desserts have really hit the spot and all on site at Parkdale. No more wondering where to have lunch locally, working the commute, parking, eating and enough time to get back to Parkdale to begin the next session. This has been a popular addition to the Caper event and we are pleased to include it again this year.
Not only is it nice to see the Bradts again, it is also nice to see our out-of-town guests as well! We always enjoy dancing as well as the social aspect of the Caper.
"How can I sign up?" you ask. It is as easy as downloading the flyer right off of our website here! You can find it in the Coming Events section. If you are a club member and attend either our Wednesday or Thursday clubs, you can conveniently bring your registration and fee in to Gavin personally. If you live out of the area, Gavin's address is found on the registration form.
The dance season is just beginning and some of the special events that go with it! Come and join us at Capital Caper! We will reserve you a spot on the dance floor!

New Dance Season Has Started!


Well we have officially started our 2017-2018 dance season here at Capital Carousels! It was nice to see everyone after our summer break! The one thing noted about our first week back at Capital Carousels is that it seems that first week always feels like summer! Higher than average temperatures, but it didn't stop the dancing at Parkdale! It was also nice to see some of our friends we haven't seen in awhile, even beyond our summer break! Thanks for coming out and we hope to be able to see you more often. We also hope that those of our members who are affected by various ailments will begin feeling better and able to join us. You are missed!
We began our first week easing into things by just having a dance night. A good way to find our dance feet again and get reoriented to dancing. This coming week, we will be starting in earnest where Pat and John will be teaching a phase 4 rumba to both our Wednesday and Thursday clubs. This year, we thought we would do something a bit different by having our teach a bit earlier in the program and our coffee a little later in the program and after the teach instead of before. We will start with a warmup set of rounds which will get us limbered up, and then begin the dance teach. Our goal is for a session of 30 minutes for the teach. Our thinking was to have the teach earlier when we are a bit limbered up and minds still "fresh". Coffee later in the program will be more around the 1/2 way point and nice to have that extended break at that point.
We will try this new format for awhile and see how it goes. We hope you will find yourself more refreshed for the teach and enjoy the extended break afterward.
Just a gentle reminder that Capital Caper will be coming up on October 27&28 this year with the Bradts. I know we have known about this for awhile now and the start of the new season always triggers our memories about this event. Gavin is hoping to have many registrations from our club, so please make plans to attend and as always have a great time with Steve and Irene and seeing some of our friends from other areas. You can get your registration form off the website or there will be some at our regular club days. Very convenient to get your registration and payment to Gavin in person. We look forward to seeing you at the Caper!

Welcome Back!


Hello everyone! I can't believe the summer is coming to a close and although some of us may be saddened by this, I am sure that everyone is very happy that our new dance season is on the visible horizon! YES! We will be back to dancing this coming Wednesday and Thursday! Same time! Same Bat Channel! By now, those of you reading this have probably already received the letter which was sent out via email from Gavin giving you the details of our upcoming season. We all look forward to seeing everyone and hearing about everyone's summer and also getting back in our dance groove. To slide in to the dance routine, we will be starting with an all dance day with no teaches on both Wednesday and Thursday for our first week. I have the dance program posted on the website now, and can be easily downloaded and printed out if you so wish.
This coming week is looking lovely weather wise and we look forward to seeing you all at Parkdale! Don't forget your dance shoes!