Capital Carousels

A Choreographed Ballroom Dance Club

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Capital Carousels Committee
Your Capital Carousels Executive is a dedicated group of people. They came together because of their interest and enthusiasm of choreographed ballroom dancing. Your Executive Committee for 2017/2018 are: Gavin Currie (President), Ziggy Segstro (Vice President), Arlo Speer (Secretary), Gavin Currie (Treasurer), Pat Black (Programmer/Education), Donna Stewart(Webmaster/Cuer), Ian and Ann Webb (Social Convenor), Wayne and Toni Doherty (Member at Large), Charlie Stuart (Member at Large/Photographer).
Gavin and Pat

The Centre of It All!

Ziggy and Jenny

Need Any Help?

Gavin and Pat

The Man With The Money!

Arlo and Maureen

Let Me Make A Note Of That!

Charlie and Pat

Have I Got A Program For You!


Apart Point-Together Touch!

Ian and Ann

Where's the Party?

Charlie and Pat

Watch Out For The Paparazzi!

Wayne and Toni

We Can Do That!