Capital Carousels

A Choreographed Ballroom Dance Club

Capital Carousels | A Choreographed Ballroom Dance Club In Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Welcome to Capital Carousels Website!

Capital Carousels is an executive run choreographed ballroom dance club in Ottawa, Ontario, established in 2012. We offer dancing and dance teaches/clinics during our dance season which runs from September-May. We currently have a phase 3-4 club and a phase 3-5 club. In addition to our regular dance season, we sponsor Capital Caper Weekend in late October. Capital Caper features excellent, international clinicians with teaches and dancing to enhance our dance experiences and improve our dance skills. Since our inception in April 2012, we have been very active and utilize our website for information to keep our members and friends “in the know” about all things relating to Capital Carousels. Please visit our website often to check on our progress. We are dancing on air at Capital Carousels!
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Dance first, think later. It’s the natural order.
Samuell Beckett